DJ Infinix chats to us about parenting and her family’s Christmas traditions


House DJ Nomaxabiso Gomomo, AKA “DJ Infinix” talks motherhood and pregnancy the second time around. Her job requires her to spend a lot of time away from home, but when she is around, she believes in spending quality time with her family.

As a DJ, you work nights and travel a lot, how do you juggle work and motherhood?

Every chance I get to be with my daughter I take it as there are times I’m extremely busy and other when I’m not that busy. During these time I watch her favourite shows with he, help her with homework, or go shopping with her. As long as I’m around, I use that time to be with her.

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Is your household one of music lovers?

Yes it is, you should see our home – at times it’s like a mini show. My daughter does ballet at school and she loves performing for us at home.  She also jumps and dances when she hears my music or her dad’s music or videos on TV or radio.

You have a six-year-old and another on the way, how is pregnancy treating you this time around?

It’s been a breeze as I’m more active, going to the gym this time around and my little one loves rubbing my tummy and singing to us.

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What fun things do you do with your daughter?

My daughter loves exploring. so we do all kinds of fun stuff, like bouncing, playing games, play dates with her friends, baking and our pretend band at home.

Has she wrapped her head around having a little brother or sister?

At first she was not keen at all, but now she’s super excited. She even shops with us for the baby and loves the idea of being a big sister.

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How did you meet your partner?

He’s actually also a DJ and we met at an event eight years ago.

What’s your advice to moms who are trying to find a work/life balance?

We all need to make money, but you must learn to say no to some work engagements to make time for your family and your kids. They grow up so fast and you will regret missing those milestones if you don’t stand your ground.

How will you be spending the festive season?

We are going to my grandmother’s house (my home town) to be with the whole family.

Are you looking forward to any family Christmas traditions?

I’m looking forward to the day before Christmas as we sleep late, prepare some of our traditional Christmas dishes and wrap gifts.

What are the top essential items to pack in your toddler’s bag?

  • Change of clothes (in case the weather changes)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Hand cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Tissues,
  • Water bottle
  • Juice and fruits
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