Should dads be in the delivery room during birth? Two dads share their thoughts

Posted on April 21st, 2017

We look at the pros and cons of having your partner in the delivery room when you give birth. By Lebogang Madileng

Should dads be in the delivery room when mom gives birth?

Giving birth is a precious moment that a mom looks forward to, because she finally gets to meet the little human that’s been growing inside her belly for so long. But should her partner experience that moment with her? Let’s touch on what some men had to say.

Ury Simmons was present at the birth of his son three years ago. He says that he doesn’t regret being there when his son was born, but he doesn’t advise dads to do the same. “Don’t get me wrong, the experience was heart-warming but also traumatising. Nothing can prepare any man for the sight of what their partner’s vagina can really do.” He suggests dads should wait outside the delivery room.

Mohau Pitso, an expectant dad, begs to differ. ”I believe it’s a special moment that no father should miss. I’m going to be in the room when my daughter is born and nothing is going to make me miss that moment.”

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Pros of having your partner in the delivery room

  • Having him with you can make you feel more comfortable during the labour process.
  • Your partner will have the option of cutting the baby’s cord once delivered.
  • He can record the birth of your baby on video.
  • Sharing the experience together can strengthen your relationship.
  • He can be more empathetic to you, because he’ll know exactly what you went through in labour.
  • He’ll feel special knowing that he witnessed the first moments of his baby’s life.

Cons of having your partner in the delivery room

  • Your partner won’t enjoy seeing you in pain.
  • You will bleed a lot, which might freak him out.
  • He might be put off having sex with you after seeing a baby come out of your vagina.
  • You are likely to poop while pushing (which is normal) and this might make him feel repulsed.

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