Coping with a new baby and a toddler

Posted on March 23rd, 2018

Coping with a new baby and a toddler can be hectic. But it is possible. Here’s how.

Coping with a new baby and a toddler

Every mom knows how hectic life can be when you have a new baby. However, coping with a new baby and a toddler requires a mom that is open-minded and ready to accept any help she can get from friends and family.

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5 top tips for coping with a new baby and a toddler

1. You and your partner should share duties

When dad’s not at work, he can help take care of the baby while you give your toddler some attention and vice versa. Or, he can take over preparing dinner and doing grocery shopping. He can also take care of your older child in the evenings – bath him and put him to bed, so that you can have a little time for yourself.

2. Hire someone to help you

If you can afford it, hire someone to help you during the day. It’s an option you’re going to have to consider at some point if you’re a working mom. Another option will be to ask friends or family. If your mom is offering the support, give it a shot, even if it is only for the first few months.

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3. Consider nursery school

It’s a really painful experience to part with your child, even if it is just for a few hours a day. But this could be a great way to create time for yourself and take care of the baby. Plus, going to nursery school does have benefits. Your toddler has the opportunity to learn, play and develop life and social skills. You can always spend more time with your tot in the afternoon.

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4. Don’t be ‘supermom’

Not being able to do it all doesn’t make you a bad mom. Moms need help too. Take any help you can get. If a friend offers to babysit so that you and your partner can go out for a romantic night, take her up on it. Talking to moms in the same situation will also help you discard any myths about parenting, because they share what you’re going through and they know how hard it can be.

It can be an emotional time for you and if you feel overwhelmed by it all, try and talk to someone. It’s easy to fall into depression when things become just a bit much.

5. Share night time duties with your partner

Sleep deprivation is the most unfortunate part of parenting. Many parents battle with this in the first few months until baby can sleep through the night, and it can be twice as difficult when you have a toddler with sleep problems as well. Unless you have the money to hire a night nurse who can look after your children, you should share the duties with your partner.

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Establishing a sleep routine that suits you and your baby can ensure that everybody in the family sleeps better within a few months. Routine isn’t for everyone though – some moms prefer to be flexible with their time, while others prefer strict routines. But, helping your baby develop good sleeping habits will certainly go a long way in keeping sleep deprivation at bay.

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