The best party venues in South Africa

Our round-up of great kids’ party venues in the country will take the hassle out of birthday planning. By Lisa Witepski

You love your munchkin to bits, but the idea of planning a birthday party for 50 over-sugared kids gives you a headache. So, delegate! Trust these party venues to make your little one feel like royalty for a day.

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Kiddy-Up Party Venue

There’s nothing your child won’t be able to do at this Linbro Park venue, from horse rides to splash slides. It will even take care of the birthday cake and party packs – score!

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Clamber Club Party Venue

Ideal for children aged between one and nine, this party venue has plenty to entertain kids, from the Clamber Club obstacle course to a petting zoo. Based in Ferndale, it can accommodate up to 30 children and 50 adults.

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Splish Splash Party Venue

This award-winning venue transforms any party into a water wonderland, offering a host of pool-based activities. While all the entertainment is taken care of, you supply the food, beverages and décor.

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Cape Town

Bugz Playpark

This venue is enormous – so big, in fact, that it regularly caters up to 25 parties on a weekend! Not that you need to worry, as with a variety of play areas available, there’s scant chance the birthday boys and girls will encroach upon each other. They can, however, enjoy a themed experience, from cooking to superheroes. Plus, there are plenty more activities outside.

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Planet Kids

What makes this venue great is the wide range of options available. You can be as involved as you want (bring in your own catering, if you wish), order additional entertainment (like a magician or face painter) to supplement the space-themed play equipment, and arrange your choice of party packs.

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Sugar Rush Park

There’s a huge amount for kids to do here, from train rides to obstacle courses, laser tag and jumping castles, but, for parents, the real appeal lies in Sugar Rush Park’s flexibility – choose from a variety of packages, or build your party according to your budget and needs.

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Port Elizabeth


Warning: adventure ahead! This party venue is all about having fun the old-fashioned way – in other words, you can look forward to the kids falling asleep in the car on the way home from the party, and they can look forward to a day full of activities which, according to your chosen theme, may include anything from water fights to spatter guns. The fee includes a downloadable party invitation as well as party packs and an instructor who makes the adventure happen.

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