Beautiful bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren

Moms share memorable moments of their little ones with their grandparents. By Xanet Scheepers


Affectionately known as Granny, Grandpa, Gramp, Nana, Papa or Gogo, grandparents bring so much joy, love and wisdom to our lives. In honour of Grandparents Day, we asked moms to give us a glimpse of the role their children’s grandparents play in their lives by sharing precious moments of their little ones with their grandparents.

Deep conversations  

“One of my fondest memories was nearly nine years ago when my baby son, Sammy, was babbling away to his granny, Sarah, on a beach in Bali. They were talking to each other so beautifully. This special moment still makes my heart sing. Sammy is her only grandchild and she is his only living grandparent.” – Gina Wolfdenden-McDowell


All wrapped up

“My parents dote on our girls. They would spend all day with their Ouma and Oupa if they could. They have them wrapped around their fingers. All they have to do is drop some hints and they’re getting pancakes and special tea and watching whatever shows they want.” – Lauren Inge Henry



“My little girl and my parents call themselves best friends. Pa helps her practise for karate and soccer and she helps Ma bake cupcakes for all the parties. The love she has for them is so precious. My husband and I don’t exist when they are with us.” – Lauren Lyners

The highlight of their week

“I work from home three days a week, so my dad comes over to watch his two grandkids. Just the sound of him arriving outside sends my kids into complete elation. My one year old usually starts shouting ‘daddad’ (grandad) and the eldest (almost three) runs to the door in expectation. These three days a week are a highlight for them as they have a weekly park date which includes a picnic. And then grandad spends most of his time playing up a storm or reading to them. My basically has an itinerary for grandad, which he happily complies too. They are super cute together.” Lee Louw

The favourite

“I was lucky enough to have my parents look after my baby for the first year of his life. Now that he is in school, they Face Time every day and we try see them every week. If he sneezes, they tell me he is sick and he should come to them. When he is there he gets away with murder, which can be so annoying because they were so strict with me. Even so, I still try to maintain the close bond between them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing how excited he gets when he realises that we are on our way to Ouma and Oupa.” Gabi Brookstein


OUMA Rusks has some tips on how you can celebrate the special grandparents in your life:

  • If you are far away, make time for a lengthy phone chat, write to them (yes, a good old-fashioned letter) or send them a hand-made card.
  • Create a video or photo montage filled with special messages they can continue to enjoy long after Grandparents Day is over.
  • Create a list of all the reasons why your grandparents are special to you and share it with them – often we forget to tell the people in our lives just how important they are to us.
  • Organise a special outing to a place they enjoy, such as the theatre to see a musical, or a favourite restaurant. A fun day out surrounded by the people they love will be meaningful for all.
  • Host a family lunch complete with all the family favourite recipes. Make them proud and show them you were listening and watching.
  • Share their stories. The older generation have so many great stories to share. Take the time to listen to, and record their old stories. You may feel like you’ve heard it before but you will wish you’d really listened when they are no longer around to share them.
  • Treat them to a delicious tea. It’s the perfect #dippingtime moment to share an experience over tea and rusks.

This year, OUMA, has launched limited edition packs showcasing some of the many names South Africans use to reference their grandmothers. So, spoil gran and granddad with OUMA rusks!

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