9 things every mom should have in her handbag

Don’t leave the house without these nine essentials in your handbag.

When you become a mom, your handbag is not just for carrying around your essentials anymore. It has now a storage place for your toddler’s clutter – from a stick he picked up in the park to plasters and wet wipes in case of an emergency.

Don’t leave the house if you don’t have these nine essentials in your handbag:

1. Wet wipes

Hands can come into contact with a lot of items, surfaces and other people during the day. You may shake hands with others, touch dirty money, sneeze into your hands and who knows what your toddler has touched while out and about – we’re guessing pretty much everything. Make sure you have a pack of hygiene wipes in your handbag to wipe both your and your toddler’s hands throughout the day to keep germs at bay.  We like the Dettol hygiene wipes, which come in smaller packs of 10 – perfect to fit in your handbag.

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2. Plasters

Toddlers have a lot of boo-boos when they’re exploring and playing outdoors. Your child is bound to scrape a knee or elbow on one of these expeditions, so make sure that you have plasters in your bag.

3. Toilet seat spray

Every time you flush the toilet, bacteria are released into the air, coming to rest on all of the surfaces in the room. Contact with these germs can cause diarrhoea or vomiting. Pack the pocket-sized Germex Toilet Seat Spray, exclusively available at selected SPAR stores, in your bag. Simply spray the toilet seat and wipe for peace of mind.

4. Pocket tissues

There’s nothing more embarrassing than watching your toddler dig for diamonds on the playground and then to your horror put it in his mouth, or wipe his runny nose on his sleeve. Make sure that you always have tissues handy.

 5. Healthy snacks

When little kids are hungry, make sure you have some biltong, nuts or dried fruit in your handbag for them to nibble on.

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6. A small bottle of water

This may add some weight to your bag, but it will come in handy when someone gets a scrape or a cut, or if your tot is just thirsty.

7. A variety of small creams

Sun cream, baby lotion, bum cream and lip balm are must-haves. You never know how long you’ll be in the sun and you’ll want to keep your little one’s skin protected at all times.

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8. Pain relief pills

You never know when your toddler can become ill. Paracetamol is safe for little ones when it comes to treating pain and fever.

9. A smartphone

These days most moms have smartphones, but if you don’t, it’s a good idea to get one. They’re not only necessary to make emergency calls, but you can use it to get directions when you get lost en route to a birthday party, or download an educational game for your little one to play while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office.

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