8 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in lockdown

Amanda Rabinowitz, owner of the events company, Jellybean Concept Events has these great suggestions to make Mother’s Day special during lockdown.

You won’t be able to take Mom to her favourite restaurant for breakfast, or that lovely wine farm she enjoys – but, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil her.

Here are some great suggestions to make Mother’s Day memorable at home.

Homemade crafts

Create some homemade crafts to give to mom. Things you can find lying in the garden or in a dusty cupboard that have never been used. Some ideas include: a crayon candle, painted rock art, finger print hearts, DIY herb harden, toilet roll crafts, wine cork creatures or even a clothes peg frame. So much can be created with items from home. YouTube will be your best friend in teaching you how, plus it’s great way to fill up a morning up with activities!

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Serve her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is one way to start the day on the right note. If your cooking skills are a worry, order takeaways from her favourite coffee shops. Some small local coffee shops are now offering cappuccino deliveries and freshly baked goods! Support local and spoil mom all in one go! A fresh croissant and cappuccino have never smelled so good.

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Set up a scavenger hunt for your mom

Let mom search for hidden pressies around the house. Let her do a task or answer a question before she’s allowed to continue looking for the next one… Let the end prize be something like a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine or cocktail.

Set up a spa day

We know moms are in dire need of manis and pedis. Either give mom an at home spa day with candles, a bubble bath, cucumbers and a face mask or gift her with a DIY self-care basket (include things like foot scrubs, bubble bath, anything to treat yourself with that you can find at the grocery store). Check out Lulu & Marula for body and skin care products you can order online. We also fancy the GF2 Skin Rejuvenating Mist from Thoclor Labs, which fights skin inflammation. With all the anxiety she has to deal with right now, mom’s skin deserves some TLC – that’s for sure!

Create a memory jar

Find an empty jar and fill it with sentimental items. Get the kids to explain why they chose each item every time mom takes one out.

A picnic at home

With so many restaurants offering takeaways, support your favourite places with a takeaway meal prepared into a picnic. If the kids are old enough, allow them to run the day by making menus, putting up decorations, acting as waiters, and so on.

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A family video message for those who are not at home

Create a montage of video messages from siblings to send to their mom about how much she means to them.

Get computer savvy

Get your kids to print or design A4 signs which say, “Happy Mother’s Day Grandma, We Miss You” and turn it into a picture collage to send to grannies/oumas/nanas that your kids probably won’t see on this day. Let each child/cousin hold a word and frame it as one photo.

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