7 things that just don’t bother moms

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of many emotions – but embarrassment is seldom one of them. We asked moms about the things that just doesn’t faze them anymore.

Admit it – when your nights were all about parties rather than whose turn it is to do the feed, you would have blushed 20 shades of pink if someone farted in front of you. Now, fielding various emissions from the derriere is all in a day’s work…along with keeping exposure of body parts in check, dealing with inappropriate pronouncements, and a whole lot of other things that make your non-mom friends cringe with embarrassment.

We asked some moms about embarrassing mom moments that used to upset them, but now leave them stone cold.


“I always thought I’d find a place to hide if I needed to breastfeed in public. Now I think nothing of whipping them out!” – Lee-Anne

“I found that it’s very hard to be discreet while breastfeeding twins, so now I don’t bother trying.” – Jennifer

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“I never thought I would smell another person’s bum (to see if a nappy change is needed) – but now I do it all the time.” – Ilana

“My sister-in-law nearly passed out when I sniffed my baby’s bum the other day. For me, it’s just par for the course.” – Rachel


“Catching vomit…I’m not even sure why I do this, because it doesn’t solve the actual problem, but it seems to be an instinctive reaction. If you’d told me I’d make a dive to catch vomit every time my child feels sick before I became a mom, I wouldn’t have believed you!” – Geraldine

“Why do we catch vomit? I do it every time, and every time I wonder what I am doing!” – Kirsty


“I always used to be so shy with my body. I would never have dreamed of allowing anyone to see me on the loo. Now, it seems that the bathroom is a free for all. The kids just barge in and start playing with their Lego on the floor, and it doesn’t even bother me.” – Geraldine

“A few years ago, I would have been really upset if someone shouted, ‘Wobbly bum, wobbly bum’ when I walked past them. Now I get offended if they don’t – it feels like they’re ignoring me! Ditto for comments about the whiskers on my cheeks or my stinky morning breath.” – Lisa

“There is so much gross toilet talk. Every. Single. Day.” – Bretta

Dirty clothes

“Before kids, I would have looked down on any woman who went out not looking her best – but now, I often exit the house in clothes that are decorated with other people’s food or bodily emissions.” – Gennifer

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