7 reasons why you need a moms’ night out

Being a mom is a full-time job. Are you so lost in raising your babies that a mom’s night out has become a myth? Compiled by Sharon Mahlase


Most moms would do anything for their kids, and often taking time off for themselves results in feelings of guilt. However, having a break from parenting duties can be beneficial for you and your kids, and a way to bond with your friends. Put on that little black dress and organise a moms’ nigh out for you and your friends.

Here are seven signs you need a moms’ night out:

  1. Your “me time” happens in the bathroom

When last did you have time for yourself away from the kids? We bet the only time for this is when you lock yourself in the bathroom, and even then there’s probably a little person knocking on the door.

  1. Your favourite pair of shoes is your slippers

When last did you dress up and rock a sexy pair of heels? Wearing a tiara and having your face painted by a four-year-old doesn’t count.

  1. Your social media feed is your social life

If you only know what’s happening in your friends’ lives because of your Facebook feed, it’s time to turn those digital comments into real life communication with a catch-up on a mom’s night out.

  1. Your kids’ calendar is busier than yours

Parties, sports matches, playdates – the calendar’s full but all for your children. Scratch in some time out for a Friday night get-together with the girls.

  1. You can’t remember when you ate a proper meal sitting down

Reserve a table at a restaurant, sit down and have time to finish (and enjoy) your food – and don’t choose a venue with a kids’ menu!

  1. Your hairdresser misses you

If your hairdresser is sending you messages asking after your wellbeing, you know it’s been a while since your last appointment. Book a cut and colour, and show off your new hairdo on a moms’ night out.

  1. You deserve it

You deserve a moms’ night out because you do so much for your kids and family, so go out, have some fun and don’t feel guilty.


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