7 organising tricks for kids’ rooms

Cleaning your child’s room can be hard work. Use these helpful organising tricks and watch how easier this chore will be for both you and your little one. Compiled by Sharon Mahlase


If you always face a battle at the end of the day to tidy your child’s room, we have some tips to help make this easier. Not only will they help to keep space orderly but make the room fun, too. What’s more, they involve both you and your little one to cut out the conflict when it comes to “time to clean your room”.

1. Sort, store and simplify

This organising trick helps when the room is small and shared. Simply sort and store out-of-season clothing or playthings that your child may have outgrown.

2. Use labels

It’s much easier for kids to sort things when they are visually appealing. Use pictures on containers, which will help them think that organising toys is a game.

3. Apply the contain and control method

Place toys and other belongings in separate containers before storing. Containers help you control the number of toys out at any one time.

4. Create a toy rotation schedule/bin

Keeping a toy rotation schedule helps with maintaining a clean space but also encourages excitement when you bring out toys your child hasn’t seen in a while.

5. Headboard storage

This organising trick works best for storing things like books as they will be within arm’s reach at bedtime.

6. Use transparent storage

Store smaller items, such as arts and crafts materials, in clear containers. This makes them easily identifiable at playtime, and when it comes to tidying up, like items can be stored together.

7. Change how you ask the kids to clean up

You will be surprised by how changing the way you’ve been doing things can make a difference. Rather than shouting, “clean up”, do tasks together and monitor their resistance levels or what they enjoy doing.

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