6 tips for stress-free holiday meal planning

The holidays are upon us! Is it your turn to host the family for the holidays? Try these tips and tricks for stress-free holiday meal planning.

1. Check the kitchen cupboard and make a shopping list for staple items that can turn humdrum into gourmet.

Make sure you have ingredients like pickled onions, atchars, pickled jalapenos and piquanté peppers, biscuits and cheese on hand for quick snacks.

Try these yummy and easy biltong snacks.

2. Always have at least one familiar appetizer or side dish. Then get as creative as you want with the rest of the food.

If you do want to get creative with your salads, try one of these summer salads with a twist. Click here for the recipes.

3. Cook once eat twice

Make plans to double, or even triple, a recipe when you are cooking. So you can eat one and freeze the other, or serve it again for lunch the following day.
These pasta recipes aren’t great for freezing, but they are perfect for lunch the following day, served with a salad and garlic bread.

4. Take advantage of recipes that you can make ahead of time. That way you can enjoy the party too.

Salads like pasta salad, potato salad and beetroot salad can be made a couple of days ahead of time.

5. Keep it simple

There are times of the year when it’s wonderful to experiment but the holidays is not one of those times. Stick to simple dishes and salads.

6. Delegate holiday snacks and treats to other family members, so that you can focus on the main menus.

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