6 mom friends you’ll meet and why you’ll love them

Making new mom friends is both a blessing and an unexpected gift.

One of the more surprising bonuses to becoming a mom is meeting new people who you instantly click with and become your friends.  At this later stage in your life, you may have thought you didn’t need any more friends – so making new ones is an unexpected gift.

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Here are some of the types of mom friends you’ll meet and why you need them in your life:

The mom you met in hospital

You had your babies on the same day and bonded in your hospital beds, as you shared this momentous time with each other. After you returned home with your baby, maybe you met up in the park or at each other’s houses – going through the various stages of parenting a newborn together, and swapping tips while you commiserated on how little sleep you had last night.

The super-organised mom

She’s the one you always message about the cake sale tomorrow and what the kids need to take for show ‘n tell. She’s switched on and organised, and if you’re unsure about any school activities, she’ll be the one to set you straight. She’s bought her kids’ personalised clothing labels a few months before the school year starts, she has a cupboard full of birthday party presents so she never has to buy anything in a rush, and she never seems flustered. You can’t be like her, but you can always learn a thing or two.

The honest, non-judgemental mom

This is the mom who is a breath of fresh air, as she revels in not being perfect. She’ll admit that parenting is difficult and that sometimes her kids eat cereal for dinner, but she’s happy and her children are happy, and that’s all that counts.

The fun mom

This is the mom who doesn’t take life too seriously and loves gathering other moms so you can socialise together, such as enjoying a drink on a Friday after a long week. Parenting can be tough, but she shows you the fun side of it, lightening the burden as you share jokes and laughs.

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The experienced mom

Maybe she’s having her third child while you’re having your first – and she’s far more relaxed as she’s done it all before. She’s the one who knows what that weird rash on your two-year-old means, which toys your kids will actually play with, and about potty training a boy. She’s been there and done that and her advice is invaluable.

 The reliable mom

Who else can you ask to pick up your child from school with 15 minutes’ notice, or arrange an emergency playdate because you need to visit the doctor? The reliable mom friend is vital to your busy life. She will bring you painkillers when you get struck down with your child’s tonsillitis, look after your little ones if you’re moving house, or help you out when you really need it.

Of course, moms are complex beings, who are often all of these friends rolled into one fabulous package. Reach out and connect with other moms, because parenting can be difficult on your own and sometimes raising a child really does take a village.

*This article first appeared on Fedhealth.co.za.

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