5 ways moms want to be spoilt this Mother’s Day

Dads… listen up. Turns out that moms don’t need expensive gifts to feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day.

Dads, here are five fail-proof ways to help your kids express their love and gratitude this Mother’s Day. The good news, they’re budget-friendly but mean so much to moms!

Mother’s Day gifts that hardly cost a cent..

The chance to sleep in

Whether you have little ones who wake you at 5am or older kids who need to get to sports day on the weekend, chances are, your partner barely gets the chance to lie in on weekends and have a lazy morning. To start the perfect Mother’s Day, we know moms want nothing more than for you to take care of the kids, while she gets a little more shut-eye, and perhaps a breakfast in bed too!

Homemade stuff

There’s nothing quite as special as receiving a homemade card, complete with scribbles and cut-outs from whatever scraps of paper and material you have at home with the words, “I love you mom” or “thank-you mom” written on it. This means it’s not necessary to spend R50 on a shop-bought card for your partner.

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Turns out, that no matter how old your kids are, moms across the globe love homemade cards- even from their adult children! In fact, homemade items are always a winner so if you’re thinking about giving something from the heart, why not get the kids involved and bake biscuits and store them in a pretty jar or make your own fruity jam, or put together a photo album with special family memories.

Little notes of adoration

Because motherhood often requires a lot of self-sacrifice – think sleepless nights, shopping and cooking healthy meals, daily lifting to and from playdates, extra murals and school, helping with homework etc, it’s always wonderful to hear the words, “thank -you” and “I appreciate you” or “I love you”.

Rather than just taking one day to express love and gratitude, why not take a week to write little notes and leave them in places that your partner will find them. This is a thoughtful way of showing how your family feels about the mom in your home. Get your kids to design them for an extra special touch.

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Acts of love

Make your lovely lady a cup of tea, or even better, cook a delicious meal or let her sit and watch her favourite series uninterrupted. There are so many ways you can express your love and thanks without buying a single thing. The kids can also get involved with some chores to take the load off mom’s shoulders. Some ideas include washing dishes, tidying the house or giving her a foot or shoulder massage, bliss!

If you have flowers in the garden, pick a few and arrange them in a pretty vase for her to see first thing in the morning.

Write it down

Take the time to translate your and the kids thoughts about why mom is so special onto a card. Let her read it and then put it away for reading a year or ten years from now – this will be an amazing surprise for her.

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