5 tips to take the perfect photo of your child


Antoinette’s love for photography started out with her snapping pictures of everything in sight, from tree stumps and flowers, to her daughter after ballet. It was the special moments she captured of her daughter that led her to develop her unique, unorthodox approach to child portrait photography.

Her motivation is to capture the child through a mother’s eye and create time stamps that will remind both parents and children of specific moments as the years go by. Antoinette’s portraits also serve as child empowerment tools which have the ability to unlock the bundles of potential each child has.

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We just love these 10 portraits Antoinette shared with us:

Antoinette Reinecke portraits

Antoinette’s top tips to get the perfect pic of your little one:

  • Photography is all about light. The more light, the better the photo will be. When taking pictures of your little ones, something simple like facing them towards a window or open doorway will make the world of difference in your photos. When outside, try to find areas of bright shade and avoid dappled light under trees
  • Keep it fun! To capture your child’s personality, take photos of them while they’re doing something they enjoy, like riding their tricycle or playing with their toys.
  • Keeping small children still to snap a photo can be challenging. Often, placing them on a chair will give you a few seconds to capture them in a more stationery position. Crawlers can be kept still by placing them inside a cute crate or box.
  • Don’t be afraid to capture the ordinary moments. Not every photo will be printed and hung on the wall as a canvas, but every moment is precious. Even the seemingly ordinary routines of life (like breakfast or brushing teeth) will serve as wonderful reminders of that specific season. Don’t wait for picture perfect moments, just snap away!
  • Print photos at least once a year. It has been said that we will be the most photographed generation, but that we will have the fewest actual photos. Unfortunately phones get upgraded, hard drives and technology change and we can end up with digital photos in formats that we can no longer easily access. Hanging photos of your children on your wall will boost their self-esteem and having tangible memories to look back on as a family will be invaluable.

Visit Antoinette’s Fine Art Portrait Exhibition

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to meet this talented artist and appreciate some of her latest portraits in person.

When: 3 to 9 September 2019

Where: Sandton City lower level, near Nespresso

Time: 9am to 8pm daily

Cost: Free

Visit the Facebook event page for more info.

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