5 tips to care for your baby’s clothes

Your baby’s clothes will spend more time in the washing machine than on your baby, and this constant washing can damage your little one’s clothes if not cared for properly.

Standing in front of rows of baby clothes, the only thing you think of is dressing your little one in these bright, colourful, tiny outfits. But, what you don’t consider is how many times these gorgeous outfits are going to be washed.

“Many new parents don’t realise how many outfits a baby can go through during the course of one day. Your baby’s clothes will spend more time in the washing machine than on your little one. This constant washing, if not done with care, can damage your baby’s clothes,” says Sarah Webb, brand manager for Personal Touch.”

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When clothes are washed too often, they can lose their softness, their colours will fade, and they can irritate your little one’s skin. Giving your baby’s clothes the correct amount of care helps keep them in good condition.

Sarah suggests the following care tips to keep your baby’s clothes looking new:

  1. When you buy something new for your baby to wear, wash the item before dressing your little one in it. Babies have very sensitive skin and washing the clothes beforehand removes any irritants and residue on them.
  2. Babies mess on their clothes all the time, and parents find themselves changing outfits more often than anticipated. However, it’s important to treat stains straight away before it leaves a permanent mark. Use a fabric stain remover that helps to protect colours and is free from chlorine.
  3. Select the gentle spin cycle on the washing machine settings. This will reduce the clothes’ risk of sagging. Baby clothes are made from fabric that is looser and more delicate so that they don’t overheat when wearing many layers. This type of clothing requires much more care.
  4. Scrutinise the products you use in your washing machine. Some laundry products can irritate your baby’s skin, so only opt for sensitive products that is formulated specifically to care for the tiny, precious items in your baby’s wardrobe
  5. Always look at the clothes’ label for any specific washing instructions. These labels are there to guide you on how to look after your baby’s clothes and keep them in good condition for longer.
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