5 tips for giving your dog treats

Posted on February 12th, 2019

We love spoiling our dogs, but if you aren’t always sure what the best way and times are to give treats, try these helpful tips.

SPAR pro-balance dog treatsDogs like a treat as much as we humans do and for them, too much of a good thing can also lead to weight gain and even health problems. Giving treats responsibly is, however, not a problem. Here are five tips to help you out.

Limit treats to 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake

Treats should not make up more than 10% of your canine’s daily calorie intake. If you’re unsure about the number of calories 10% is, you can ask your vet.

SPAR pro-balance dog treats have been scientifically formulated and contain added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Try not to feed your dog scraps from the table

Human food is not always healthy – or even safe – for dogs to eat. Not to mention it will be difficult to keep track of all the calories your dog is injesting daily if they snack on the family dinner in-between meals as well. Rather feed your dog at the same time as the family eats to keep them from begging food from the table.

If you want to treat your dog, give them something safe to nibble on, like the SPAR pro-balance dog treats.

Never let your dog eat any of the following foods:

  • Chocolate – the theobromine in chocolate is actually poisonous to dogs and, yes, it’s even in white chocolate.
  • Onions and garlic – both part of the Allium family, they contain N-propyl disulphide, which damages the oxygen-carrying substance found in red blood cells. This may lead to organ damage, failure or even death.
  • Grapes and raisins – although the exact compound in grapes and raisins that causes the complications has still not been identified, even small amounts of grapes and raisins may cause sudden kidney failure with lack of urine production.

Obedience training and treats or snacks

When training your dog, always give a treat after they have performed the action correctly (it can just be a small one). Then your dog will start to associate its good behaviour with being rewarded.

SPAR pro-balance dog treats give you the choice between biscuits, strips and sticks.

Giving a treat when you’re at the vet

You may also find that giving your dog a treat while at the vet, and offering them lots of attention or praising them can do wonders if they have some anxiety about being there.

SPAR pro-balance dog treats – treats your dog will love

SPAR pro-balance, with their scientifically formulated dog biscuits, sticks and strips, cater for those times you want to give your dog a treat. These aren’t just your average treat, but a nutritious post-exercise snack as well.

SPAR pro-balance dog biscuits contain:

  • Added vitamins and minerals for a balanced nutritional profile
  • Immune boosters to support good health
  • Calcium for strong teeth and bones
  • Anti-oxidants that help to provide added immune support.

SPAR pro-balance Strips and Sticks contain:

  • A minimum of 30% real chicken
  • Quality protein-focused formula
  • Omega 6 to help maintain healthy skin and coat.

These crunchy biscuits and semi-moist treats are suitable for all adult dog sizes and breeds. Give them as an everyday treat or as a yummy reward for good behaviour.

The SPAR pro-balance dog biscuits are available in Prime Rib Flavour and Roast Lamb Flavour, so your canine friend is sure to love them! Available in 1 kg boxes containing two 500g stay-fresh packs.

The SPAR pro-balance strips are available in Chicken, Grilled Steak and Smokey Bacon flavour.

The SPAR pro-balance range

SPAR’s pro-balance range of dog and cat food has been scientifically formulated by specialist animal nutritionists to contain all the vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and balanced nutrients your pet needs to stay in peak condition.

SPAR pro-balance is available exclusively at selected SPAR stores.

 To find out more or find your closest SPAR, visit spar.co.za  or find them on Facebook @mySPAR


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