5 mommy milestones every mom will go through

You know you’re firmly in mommy territory when you’ve done these things. By Lisa Witepski


You’ve probably been concentrating so much on your baby’s milestones that you haven’t realised you’ve reached some of your own – parenting ones that is. Shout out to those of you who can tick off any of the things on this list.

The first time you tune out of any movie that features children in danger.

There was a time when you would sit, spellbound, through Taken. Now, there’s no chance you’d be able to watch someone’s daughter in peril. On the other hand, you’re probably poised to react even more quickly than Liam Neeson. As for war movies – forget it. Ditto for pet movies.

The first time you managed to watch your baby sleep without secretly putting a finger under her nose.

You know, to check if she’s still breathing. That’s why the first night she sleeps through is actually not that restful – on the one hand, you’re overjoyed; on the other, you’re terribly alarmed.

The first time you look at a fellow mom, whose kids are laying siege to the sweet aisle, with sympathy.

Before kids, you’d have muttered something to yourself about how some parents simply can’t control their kids, and that your kids will surely never act like that. Now you know that no matter how hard you try, there are always going to be public meltdowns – and that we moms are a sisterhood who understand how a tantrum can leave you wishing the floor would swallow you.

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The first time you get really, really angry with your child.

When your baby is born, you simply can’t imagine that the day will come when you’ll raise your voice and send him to his room – how could you ever feel cross with such a sweet little thing? Chat to us again after you’ve asked him three times to put his shoes on, and he’s still playing with his Transformer.

The first time you feel really, really bad for losing your temper.

Nothing can make you feel more like a worthless person who doesn’t deserve to be a mother more than losing it – I mean, really losing it, Charlize-Theron-in-a-bank-before-she-was-famous style. But then again, the reality is that few people can push your buttons quite as hard as a wilful toddler or defiant, cheeky preschooler.

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