5 easy tips for moms to save money and earn extra cash

Posted on July 13th, 2018

Already pinching your pennies to weather the increased petrol increases? Try these tips to save money and earn extra cash!

5 easy tips for moms to save money and earn extra cash

We all know it’s expensive to raise a child, and we’re always looking for ways to cut back and save some money. This is actually easier than you may have thought it to be.

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Claire Cobbledick, GM of Gumtree SA recommends the following tips to reduce your debt and earn some extra cash at the same time:  

Start selling 

Do you have unwanted or unnecessary items like old cellphones, clothing, and furniture, baby goods that your kids have outgrown or sports equipment? Simply list these items on Gumtree (for free) and get extra cash. The average second-hand feature phone sells for R4 000, a decent condition baby stroller can get R1 500 and couches range between R500 and R2 500.

Buy second hand

You can save money by buying high-quality second-hand goods on websites like Gumtree − especially in short-term usage categories like baby items and kids’ sports goods.

Ride share

Reduce your petrol costs by half or even three quarters by ride sharing. Check out Gumtree Services under “rideshare” to see if there’s a group already going your way or to list your own ad for free to set one up.

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Cash in on your craft

Thousands of listers make tidy sums on Gumtree every day by selling their home-made goods like woodwork, clothing, lamp shades, cakes and more.

Be of service

You can also make money from any expert services you can offer in your spare time − repairing technology, handywork, car repairs, tutoring or book keeping.

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