5 common parenting behaviours you need to quit

Parenting experts spend a lot of time helping parents learn what to do, but not enough time teaching them what they should stop doing. We rounded up 5 common parenting behaviours you need to quit.


1. Speaking when angry

When you’re angry, your kids don’t listen to you. They pick up the venom, but not the words. Wait until you have calmed down a little before speaking to your children.

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2. Failing to give proper recognition

It’s easy to take your child’s good behaviour for granted. Don’t always just catch him doing naughty things, catch him doing the right thing and praise him for it.

3. Taking the easy way out

Yes, life is busy, and while you might be occupied with work and other things, don’t just give in to your kids to avoid an argument. If you feel that they can’t have a treat now, or visit a friend, hang in there if you think it’s the right thing to do. Don’t give in.

4. Neglecting your own wellbeing

Many parents have a “child first” mentality, and this can place a lot of pressure on parents. Don’t always be ready and willing to drive the kids to their leisure activities, or friends’ houses – carve some time out for yourself to enjoy your own interests.

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5. Believing everything your children say

We want to trust our children and believe everything they say, but children are faulty observers and frequently only see one side of an issue. Help your child process what happens to him and see issues from every side

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