5 best apps for new parents


There’s no doubt becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing, rewarding and demanding times of your life. And, for new parents, having free time might sound like a distant memory. However, the good news is, as tiring as the ‘new baby phase is’, it’s also fleeting, and soon enough you’ll start to embrace your new normal. To help you transition to the role of ‘parent’ with ease, we’ve found five of the best apps to make life a little easier. And, they’re all free, so download an app or three!

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Cozi Family Organizer

When it comes to organising your daily to-do lists, meals and events – the Cozi Family Organizer app makes it easier for everyone. Why? Because instead of writing lists on your fridge or sending reminder emails or WhatsApps to your partner, you can all access one app that updates and syncs new calendar entries or lists to every member’s phone. This way, there’s never a question about what needs to be done and everyone is on the same page.

Some great features include:

  • An easy-to-use calendar
  • Shopping and to-do lists for everyone to read and update
  • Favourite recipes and a meal planner (essential for those early days with a newborn)
  • A bonus family journal to help you capture and remember those special moments like your baby’s first smile, or tooth, her first steps or fabulous family trips.

Click here for more information. Available on iPhone and Android app stores.

Wahoo 7 Minute Workout

Thanks to sleep deprivation and tending to your baby’s needs around the clock, finding the time to exercise might sound like an impossible task, but the truth is, a little exercise every day is critical for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Rather than depleting you, exercise will energise you because it helps to boost blood circulation and increase those ‘feel good’ endorphins.

The Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app is based around a study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine which claims that short bouts of high intensity, circuit-type training delivers numerous health benefits in less time than more traditional training programmes. The routine in this app is divided into 12 high-intensity exercises that last for 30 seconds, with 10-second rest intervals. Plus, the exercises are designed to strengthen your entire body from head to toe, with no equipment needed, making this app super versatile and simple to do anytime, anywhere. Expect to do traditional exercises such as push-ups, squats and sit-ups.

TOP TIP: If you’re a new mom, make sure that you have the all-clear from your gynaecologist at your 6-week check-up before you attempt any of these exercises.

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Click here for more information. Available on iPhone and Android app stores.

Smiling Mind

Plagued by anxiety about your baby’s sleep schedule or her overall wellbeing? The fact is, whether you’re a first-time mom or seasoned parent, it’s normal to worry about your little ones. However, there are apps that can help you cope with post-partum anxiety and the never-ending worries you seem to carry as a mother. Introducing… Smiling Mind, one of the best apps we’ve seen with plenty of guided meditations to help you relax.

This app has been developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life. It’ll allow you a few quiet moments to just relax as the meditations will help you calm your mind and tune out of those everyday worries.

It helps you focus on your breathing (a powerful tool to calm the body and mind) while visualising calming images. It also has meditations for kids aged 7 and up, as well as family meditations you can do with your kids.

Click here for more information. Available on iPhone and Android app stores.

Universal Baby Monitor

If you have a 3G or 4G connection (you don’t have to have Wi-Fi for this app to work), this baby monitor app is ideal to use at home. Rather than carrying a monitor around and having to plug in a bulky device, this app allows you to check on your baby from your smart phone or tablet, making it super convenient if you’re visiting friends or family and need to put your baby down for a nap.

How it works:  All you need is two devices (such as a smart phone and a tablet) for this app to work.  One stays in your baby’s room, and you’ll keep the other with you. Simply install the app on both devices and select one of them to be your monitor, and the other to be the baby monitor

Although the app doesn’t come with a sensor pad, you can set it to pick up any sound or movement – wherever your baby is sleeping. You can also use the camera function and choose the viewing angle of your baby so you can switch from the front to the back camera without moving. Plus, you can activate the flash light to see at night. The app will also detect if your baby wakes up and will alert you.

The bonus: the app allows you to speak to your baby and calm her down via the device’s microphone. This will come in extra handy if you’re on the other side of the house, for instance, and can’t get to your little one immediately.

Click her for more information. Available on iPhone app stores for Apple devices.

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WebMD Baby

We love this app because it has plenty of reliable, physician-reviewed information for new parents, as well as videos by a trusted paediatrician so you can get answers quickly. Although it’s predominantly US-based, you can still look up a wide variety of medical conditions, get information on vaccines, and track your baby’s sleep, feeding and diaper changes.

You can also specify the information for your baby’s age, so it’s relevant to you, and it has a few fun features such as a baby book to track and record your baby’s milestones, plus a tool to sync your phone to friends and family so that you can share important information instantly.

Click here for more information. Available on iPhone and Android App stores.

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