4 holiday hacks to help you survive Christmas

Although fun and relaxing, the festive season can also be chaotic. These hacks will help you get through the holidays with your sanity intact.


It’s supposed to be your big break of the year, but let’s face it, the festive season is chaotic – especially when it comes to gift shopping and keeping children entertained through the long weeks of school holidays.

Keep your sanity intact with these holiday hacks:

Don’t knock ready-made dishes

You might want to cement your status as the Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson or Suzelle DIY of your family, but do you really have the time and energy to make everything from scratch? Sure, cook the big turkey or gammon centrepiece and the perfect roast potatoes with all the trimmings. But does the cranberry sauce really need to be homemade? Can the sponge in your trifle be good old Madeira? If you can cheat, cheat.

Help each other out

If you and a group of friends all have a monumental “to do” list that’s getting longer and longer ahead of the festive season, why not start a group to help each other out? Have turns hosting playdates to free up time for the other moms. Arrange lift clubs to activities. Or if one of you is heading out for supplies, stock up for everyone. Divide and conquer this festive season!

Use a gift-wrapping service to save time

You have all your gifts purchased, but now they all need to be wrapped. To avoid frustration with Sellotape and awkward packages, consider handing the task over to someone else. Shoprite and Checkers stores nationwide offer a gift-wrapping service in exchange for a small donation for charity, whether you’ve purchased your gifts in store or not. You save time, and you’re giving back.

Make your own gifts

Instead of buying costly beauty products, consider making your own homemade body scrubs, face masks or soaps. Use some jars and tie ribbons around them for an additional personal touch.

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Or for those with a sweet tooth, fill your jars with homemade fudge, rocky road or lemon curd.

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