15 unusual uses for wet wipes every mom should know

Wet wipes can be used for more than just cleaning your baby’s bum after a nappy change. Check out these 15 genius uses for them.

 Wet wipes are a mom’s best friend. Who doesn’t leave the house without a pack in their handbag, nappy bag and the car? Even celeb fitness guru and television reality star, Nonhle Ndala, admits that wet wipes is the one baby product she cannot live without. “You can use them to wipe your children’s bums, noses, mouths, hands and even your own hands,” says the Diski Diva.

But, they can be used for much more than just wiping your baby’s bum and cleaning sticky hands and chocolate-covered mouths.

Check out these 15 genius uses for wet wipes:

  1. Use them as an eye/and or face make-up remover. They are gentle on the skin and four times cheaper than beauty wipes.
  2. They can remove hair dye stains from around your face.
  3. Struggling with static or frizzy hair? A quick going-over with a wet wipe can calm fly-away strands.
  4. Use them to blot stains from clothes, upholstery, or carpets.
  5. Attach a wipe to a dust mop to remove dust. This is especially handy if you have allergy sufferers in your home.
  6. Remove deodorant stains from clothes by gentle rubbing with them a baby wipe.
  7. Want a beautiful head of curls but don’t have the time to style your hair? Curl strands of hair around the wipe, tie it in a knot and let it dry overnight.
  8. Kids got creative on your walls with their crayons? They can remove the crayon drawings.
  9. Use them as a shoeshine to smarten up your leather shoes.
  10. Stop your pets from shedding fur by rubbing down your cat or dog with a baby wipe.
  11. Give artificial houseplants a shiny gleam with them.
  12. Keep them on hand to clean fast food restaurant tables and chairs. Your tot is guaranteed to drop his chips or chicken nuggets on the table.
  13. They are great for cleaning the dashboard and steering wheel in your car.
  14. Too much spray tan? Simply use a baby wipe to remove the excess lotion from the affected area.
  15. They work wonders for mopping up paint drips off floors and trims when you’re painting.

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