#123Parent Episode 1 with Melissa Swart and Epi-Max

#123Parent is an honest voice for mothers presented by Melissa Swart. Catch new episodes on our social media platforms every week during November.


Mommy blogger Melissa Swart presents the new online series #123Parent exclusively available on our social media channels. We asked her what drove her to take on this campaign.

I’ve spoken to so many woman who feel isolated and alone and it saddened me greatly. The journey through life as a woman shouldn’t be a solo one. We should unite, support and love one another despite our differences. I hope that this platform will ignite a culture of solidarity between women of all walks of life.  Real woman uplift each other, they don’t condemn each other. We can all learn from each other daily.

Find out more about Melissa here.

Watch episode 1 of #123Parent below if you haven’t already seen it on our social media channels:

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