11 worst mother-in-law moments


We asked a few readers about the worst things their mother-in-law ever did or said to them as new moms and some of the responses are unbelievable.

The shame game

“My son was premature and at seven weeks I finally managed to wean him off formula to breastfeeding. My MIL said to the baby, with me there, ‘Shame sweetheart, is your mother starving you?’”

The telling typo

“She spelt my daughter’s name wrong and got her age wrong on her first birthday card!”

The martyr

“Juggling a newborn and a toddler is not easy and sometimes I just need to vent. When my MIL visits she says things like, ‘Some people moan about how hard motherhood is, but I just got on with it.’”

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The ultimate multitasker

My MIL was talking to our helper, in front of me, and said, ‘You know, I did all my own housework and looked after my kids, and I managed just fine.’”

My way or the highway

“We’re Jewish and my Christian MIL keeps sneaking my kids books about Jesus.”

Domestic goddess

“My baby was screaming for his bottle, so in a rush I spilt some formula on the counter. My MIL hovered around until I cleaned it up before letting me go to my son.”

The baby whisperer

“My MIL always spoke through my newborn to get her point across to me: ‘Are you hungry? Is mommy not feeding you enough? Are you cold, is mommy not dressing you warm enough?’”

The anti-C-section campaigner

“My MIL sent me weekly messages about why I shouldn’t have a C-section. She told me she even had a discussion with her art class about my poor choices.”

The intuitive MIL

“My MIL babysat my four-month-old for a few hours while I took my toddler to a party. I left her with two bottles of precious expressed milk. When I got home, the baby was hysterical, the bottles were untouched and she said, ‘I didn’t think she was hungry.’”

Say it like it is

“We were looking through photos of my newborn, now a toddler, and my MIL said, ‘I’m so glad she’s cute now, she was ugly as a newborn.’”

The control freak

“On my first night home from hospital with my son, my MIL told me that he was going to sleep in her room that night.”

If you’ve got any MIL shockers to share with us, email livingandloving@caxton.co.za.

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