10 things you can say goodbye to when you become a mom

Posted on October 5th, 2018

Registered midwife and mom Pippa Hime shares the top 10 things she misses most from her child-free days.

10 things you can say goodbye to when you become a mom

Becoming a mom is so much more than just having a baby. It is the start of a love you never imagine existed. But, having been a mother for a good four and a half years (the half is important), I have come to realise that there are many things from my life before kids that I have had to kiss goodbye.

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Here are the top 10 things I miss the most:

1. Long lunches that extend to long nights out

There are no more Saturday lunches with girlfriends that result in a quick outfit change to go dancing all night.

2. The long lazy lie-in

I long for a Sunday morning in bed with nothing to do but roll over and catch up on sleep, or read a few pages of my book or the newspaper.

3. Hot tea

You never really appreciate a cup of hot tea until you have kids. In fact, I am sure they invented microwaves simply so moms could warm their cold cups of tea four or five times before drinking it.

4. Bathing alone

I am yet to have a relaxing bath without one or two of my children jumping in too. And with them comes a whole bunch of bath toys. And pee. I long for a pee-free bath.

5. Making it through the 8pm movie

TV action past 9pm results in me fast asleep in a super-uncomfortable position where I wake up annoyed that I have sacrificed actual sleeping time in bed.

6. Sleeping through the night

Even if the kids manage to sleep through the night without needing to wee, having a scary dream or losing their favourite toy, I still wake up. It seems my internal clock is set to baby mode for the rest of my life.

7. Skipping supper

Weekends usually involved a late-afternoon meal, which meant supper that night was never a big deal before I had kids. Coming home from a late lunch on a Sunday and still needing to make a well-balanced dinner is a tough one.

8. Going to the beach to relax with only a book, bottle of water and sunscreen

Now beach time requires packing a bag for a small vacation and being covered head to toe in sand.

9. Last-minute plans

These no longer exist. Unless you live with a 24-hour babysitter, you are required to plan well in advance to make everyone happy.

10. Eating your own meal

I can’t remember when I actually had a plate to myself. Whenever I sit down to eat anything, from toast to a roast dinner, both my kids attack my plate like they have never been fed before.

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