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Blondie popsicles

The kids will love decorating and eating these fun blondie popsicles. By Margie Els-Burger


Fruitcake spring rolls

Spring rolls are the go-to snack option for parties. Wow your guests with these fruitcake spring rolls.


Simple Christmas lunch menu

Feel like breaking away from your usual festive menu this year? Your guests will love these yummy dishes.


Minion cupcakes

These cute minion cupcakes will be a hit with the kids - and they're really easy to make! By Margie


Healthy puzzle cookies

These healthy puzzle cookies are perfect if you just started introducing finger foods to your little one. By Margie Els-Burger


Spooky brownies

Whip up a batch of these scary brownies for Halloween. By Margie Els-Burger


Best milk tart ever

This tried-and-tested recipe is super easy to make and will ensure the perfect milk tart every time. By Noeleen Foster


Healthy doughnut bites

Craving doughnuts? Whip up a batch of these healthy bites. The kids will love them. By Margie Els-Burger


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