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WATCH: Heart-stopping moment when toddler grabs snake

What started out as a fun outing almost ended in tragedy…


Toddlers just know how to make our hearts stop – with literally no warning at all! It’s like they’re fearless sometimes.

This dad and his son went out for a fun morning of fetch with their dog. The first round of fetch went really well – but things got a little “creepy” when the little boy picked up another stick…

Turns out it wasn’t a stick at all…

Watch the video below:


What to do if your child is bitten by a snake

Did you know there are 173 different snake species in Southern Africa? According to African Snake Bite Institute, only about 11% of these can be considered as deadly. They include cobras, the Rinkhals, Puf Adder, Gaboon Adder, Boomslang and the Twig Snake. They say the Mozambique spitting cobra accounts for the vast majority of serious bites and most of the deaths resulting from snake bites in Southern Africa are Cape Cobra and Black Mamba bites.

Different snake bites carry different symptoms, but look out for these symptoms if you think your child might have been bitten:

  • “A bite mark is seldom the characteristic two-fang puncture mark – often a bite will be from a single fang and may just be a scratch with a little bleeding,” explains African Snake Bite Institute.
  • He may experience dizziness, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, drooping eyelids, nausea, burning pain, swelling, bleeding from the nose and mucous membrane.

If your little one is bitten by a snake, remove any tight clothing, keep him as calm and still as possible and get him to a hospital as soon as possible.

Also try and take a picture of the snake as identifying it will expedite treatment.

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What not to do:

  • Don’t try to cut or suck out the venom
  • Don’t apply ice, boiling water or any lotions or potions
  • Don’t inject antivenom yourself – this must be done by a medical doctor.
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