WATCH: Dad dealing with toddler tantrum goes viral

Every single parent can relate to this…


How often have you been to SPAR or Pick n Pay with a crying toddler in tow – or struggled with a toddler who flings themselves against the floor in a fit of a rage when you say no to a toy or sweet, they want?

Toddlers just have no chill when things don’t go their way.

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Luckily this dad knew exactly how to handle his daughter’s tantrum, and believe it or not, they went back into the shops with her giggling and being completely happy!

Watch the video below:

He has some really valuable advice. You can’t really spank your child in the chocolate aisle at Checkers, but there are other things you can do to get her to stop her tantrum and listen to you, or even avoid the tantrum:

  • As difficult as it is, try not to lose your temper and shout at your child. It will only make things worse. Try and remain calm.
  • Don’t give in to your child’s tantrum. Yes, we know it’s horrible when your child is screaming for that chocolate and it feels like the entire shop is looking at you. But, whatever you do, don’t give in! Stand your ground and remove her from the shop – rather take her to the bathroom or the parking lot to calm down.
  • If you know you’re going to be at the shops for a while, make sure your little one eats before the time or you’ve packed snacks in your handbag for her.
  • You can also take a toy along to keep her busy while you shop.
  • Toddlers usually get really difficult when they’re tired so try and plan your shopping trip either long before or after one of her naps.
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