Top 7 tips for feeding picky eaters

Here’s how to make sure your picky eater gets the nutrition he needs. By Hannah Kaye


 Being picky is a normal toddler quirk, but there are ways to work around this and ensure your child gets adequate nutrition.

  • Offer a nibble tray using bite-size portions.
  • Include dips like carrot dunked into almond butter or toast fingers and cottage cheese.
  • Use a kiddie-friendly knife for your toddler to add a healthy topping to rice cakes or vegetables.
  • Disguise disliked foods by slipping grated or diced vegetables into your toddler’s favourite foods like bolognaise.
  • Cut sandwiches into fun shapes to make them more appealing.
  • Small, frequent portions help to stabilise blood sugar levels and mood.
  • Give your toddler a shelf in the fridge with his favourite foods and allow him to choose from that selection.

Top 5 must-have foods you should include in your child’s diet


Protein builds the body, so it’s essential to get some into your toddler’s diet. Try disguising it amongst the carbohydrates your toddler loves.


Fish is an important part of the diet as it’s high in brain-building omega-3 fats. If your toddler refuses hake, try yellowtail. Slice it, roll it in some egg and almond flour, and bake.


Avocado is one of nature’s superfoods, packed full of good fats. If your toddler refuses it, add a little to a smoothie.

Green vegetables

These are wonderfully nutrient dense. If your toddler refuses broccoli, try spinach or cauliflower. Stews, meatballs, bolognaise and muffins are great places to hide greens.

Whole grains

Wholegrains are packed full of B vitamins and fibre. From the start, avoid brining white, refined foods into your home. White bread, much like sugar, is addictive.

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