Our top 5 toys for toddlers from 2 – 3 years

Your toddler will love playing with these interactive toys.


Your toddler has grown considerably is much more active than she used to be. She’ll love playing with these fun interactive toys.

Learn and Groove Musical Mat (LeapFrog)

Age: Two years+
Available from Baby Boom, Hamleys, Reggie’s and other leading toy stores for R1 199

Learn and Groove directs your toddler’s concentration. She learns to identify musical instruments and numbers one to 10 while using different types of movement. She explores her large muscle movements as she learns to listen and follow instructions. The vibrant mat develops her visual perception as she seeks the relevant image she is asked to find.

Learn and groove musical mat

Go Grippers Dump Truck (Oball)

Age: 18 to 36 months
Available from Toy Zone, Baby City, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Makro and Hamleys for R349.99

Every child needs a push-pull construction toy. Oball has improved this classic playtime item with easy-to-grip material. Your toddler can open the dome cover to transport her favourite toys in the truck bed, which also locks so she can carry the truck to different locations.

Go Grippers Dump Truck

Jungle Jam Drum with Instruments (bATTAT)

Age: Two to six years
Available from Hamleys for R1 199.95

The Jungle Jam Drum sets the tone for joint play as your toddler can share the nine instruments with friends and family. Rhythm is central to good coordination. Your toddler’s auditory sense discriminates sounds as her little fingers and hands twist, shake, press or bang the instruments. Years of creative self-expression await with this toy.

Jungle Jam Drum

Wooden Noah’s Ark (HAMLEYS)

Age: 18 months+
Available from Hamleys for R699.95

A shape sorter with a twist, this toy provides the ultimate challenge to your toddler’s cognitive, visual and fine-motor skills. The unusual shapes come in pairs, so she can learn to match and identify animals.

Wooden Noah's ark


Age: Two to four years
Available from Baby Boom, Hamleys, Reggie’s and other toy stores for R1 399.99

LeapStart meets the needs of your preschooler. It provides levels of advancement and a wide range of interactive books. The activity books introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills.

Leapstart interactive learning system

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