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What is a gifted child?

Every child has special talents. Your child is truly gifted when others point out that she is showing capabilities far


Winter boots for tots

Keep your little one’s feet warm with our round-up of winter boots for toddlers.


Developing fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are crucial for everyday tasks such as dressing and writing, which adults perform with ease. But for


5 Tips to raise a happy child

There are many ways to create a happy and memorable childhood for your little one. Clinical psychologist Jenny Perkel explores


3 Ways to make manners a lifestyle

Manners are your child’s key to opening the door to social and emotional connection, says occupational therapist Samantha Toweel-Moore.


Dealing with nightmares

Nightmares can be very disturbing, but they can also be pivotal in overcoming psychological issues in children if parents respond


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