Our top 5 watch trackers for kids


A child goes missing every five hours in South Africa, according to figures released by the South African Police Service Missing Persons Bureau for 2013.

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Keep track of your child with these watch trackers:

My Buddy Tag

R699, babygroup.co.za

My Buddy Tag
My Buddy Tag is a waterproof tracking device that can help prevent accidental drowning. Your child wears the tag, which connects to your cellphone via Bluetooth and an app, and it will alert you when it’s submerged in water for 10 seconds or longer. My Buddy Tag will also notify you when your child wanders from your vicinity. By using Bluetooth, this tag functions well at outdoor events, such as festivals, markets and holiday resorts.


R1 599, globug.co.za


The PingMe kids’ watch is a mobile phone and location device that’s packaged into a piece of wearable tech for kids aged from three. Using the app, GPS and WiFi, you can see your child’s location, whether she’s indoors or outdoors, on a map at any time. If you have more than one child, you can simply create a profile for each of your children on the app. The watch is made of durable material and comes in a variety of fun colours that kids will love.

Kids Smart GPS Tracker Watch

R799.99, loot.co.za

Kids Smart GPS Tracker Watch

With this watch, you are able to issue commands into the mobile terminal and listen to what is happening around your child. In the case of emergency, your child can push the one-button SOS to call you immediately, and if the watch is removed from her wrist, you will receive an alarm on your phone. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, a built-in pedometer will calculate your child’s number of steps per day.

Wherecom Kids Security Watch

R1 599, dandashop.co.za


With this watch’s built-in GPS and location based service, parents can keep track of their child’s movements. A safe zone of between 200m and 2 000m can be created at multiple locations, such as at your child’s crèche or at your home. More than one family member can be connected to the device and notified when the watch is no longer in the set perimeters. For emergencies, there is a SOS button.

Sweet Apple Toddler GPS Watch

R699, sweetapple.co.za

Sweet Apple Toddler GPS Watch

This GPS watch allows you to communicate with your child using the SeTracker app. At the bottom of the watch are optical sensors that will send a message to you if the watch is removed from your child’s wrist. Phone numbers can be programmed into the watch, so your child can easily make contact. The watch is available in various colours and appealing designs for kids.

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