This mom’s catchy potty training song for her two-year-old has gone viral

Mom Stacia D Wright came up with this catchy song to get her tot enthusiastic about potty training – and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all week!

One milestone almost all parents dread is the day to start potty training their toddler. Little ones love accompanying you to the loo, but trying to get them to use a potty themselves is a whole different ball game.

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Just one day into potty training her two-year-old daughter, Ginneh, Stacia Wright came up with the most adorable song to make the process a little more fun – for both of them. This isn’t her first stint around the potty training block. Stacia also potty trained her older son, so she knew of the accidents, repetition and bribery that would be involved.

Watch the video here:

Signs your toddler is ready for the potty

  • The first sign that your child is ready for potty training is when she shows awareness of what’s happening before or after a bowel movement. She may say words such as “poo”, “wee” or “toilet”, squirm and touch her bottom, or may stop what she’s doing.
  • Your toddler wakes up with a dry nappy after a nap.
  • She needs little or no assistance to pull her pants up and down.

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