Kids say the funniest things – 12 funny toddler mispronunciations

There’s nothing cuter than a toddler wrestling with words – and we’ve got the stories to prove it. By Lisa Witepski


One day, your child will be able to pronounce words like ‘articulate’ and ‘eloquent’ with ease. For now, though, listening to them getting to grips with speech is wonderfully endearing – not to mention hilarious.

Moms share their funniest toddler mispronunciations:

  • “When I returned from a holiday in Egypt, my niece excitedly asked me to tell her all about ‘the Stink’. You know, that giant statue of a lion with the head of a man, aka the Sphinx.” – Lisa, aunt of Jaime (4).
  • “My daughter solemnly told me that if I didn’t dry carefully between her toes, she would get ‘Ashley’s foot’.” –Julie, mom of Caitlin (4).
  • “My son’s favourite thing is to sprinkle ‘silliman’ and sugar on his French toast.” – Samantha, mom of Joseph (5).
  • “Ever since I chased a wasp out the house, my daughter has had a phobia of ‘wasks’.” – Sonia, mom of Erin (3).
  • “My daughter used to worry that if she sat on the toilet too long, she would get ‘high heels’ (piles).” – Sarah, mom of Jemima (4).
  • “My son used to complain that he got pain in his ‘forehead head’ when he had a headache.” – Christia, mom of Matthew (4).
  • “I once mentioned that something smelled bad and had a strong scent. For ages afterwards, my daughter used to say that smelly things were ‘centre’.” – Justine, mom of Dominique (4).
  • “My daughter was once distressed that I was about to forget my lunch when I was on my way to work. She helped me out by calling, ‘Don’t getfor your lunch.’” – Kirsten, mom of Emily (3).
  • “My kids are always moaning that the meals I cook them are ‘bisgusting’.” – Kerry, mom of Mia (2) and Liv (5).
  • “My niece gave me the world’s worst nickname – Arsa. I can only assume it’s an amalgamation of ‘aunt’ and ‘Lisa’, but it’s odd to hear someone affectionately calling you ‘Arsie’.” – Lisa, aunt of Kate (5).
  • “My son says ‘rectal’ instead of rectangle, and cucumbers are ‘cubumbers’.” – Chevorne, mom of Rupert (4).
  • “My son calls pineapples ‘pine-poephols’.” – Shane, mom of Jack (4).

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