Kids ask the most awkward questions

Posted on February 14th, 2017

We love kids’ curiosity. Here are some of the best questions we’ve encountered on their journey to make sense of the world. By Lisa Witepski

Awkward questions kids ask

In their insatiable quest to soak up knowledge, kids never stop asking questions – lots and lots of awkward, embarrassing, funny, insightful questions. These parents share their favourites…

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  • “Why is Dad’s face so dirty?” when my husband was trying to grow a beard. – Jean, mom of Teagen (3).
  • “How did Daddy give you the seeds to make my sister?” – Christine, mom of Annabelle (3).
  • “Where do farts come from?” – Chevorne, mom of Rupert (4).
  • “Can I say the F-word?”, and then the rest of the conversation went like this, “I want to say it, because it feels nice to say.” When I told him that it isn’t a nice word at all, his response was that the next time, he’d ask his dad for permission! – Fiona, mom of Benjamin (4).
  • “How did God make the world? Did he use big seeds?” – Jaime, mom of Leah (4).
  • “Mommy, why do you grow whiskers?” – Kerry, mom of Mia (4).
  • “When can we take this thing back to the hospital?”, after her baby sister had been home for a few days. – Justine, mom of Anna (3).
  • “Why didn’t you choose me to be your flower girl at your wedding?” – Terri, mom of Amy (3).
  • “Grandpa, will you be dead when I am your age?” – Kylie, mom of Heath (4).
  • “Jonah, do you want to get married?” When he answered no, my daughter said, ‘But being married is fun. And do you know what the best part is? You get to give me a ring.” – Lisa, mom of Leya (3).
  • “How can you say no to me when I am doing puppy eyes?”, which shows that he has just a touch too much self-awareness. – Marc, dad of Ryan (5).

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