Hatchimals – the most sought-after toy in 2016!


Hatchimals have been dubbed the top selling toy for 2016 around the world, and retailers are scrambling to meet the high demand for it, as it’s sold out in most toy stores globally.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Hatchimals are stuffed animal toys that come inside eggs. The owner has to nurture the egg until the creature hatches, which can take up to 40 minutes. Once hatched, the Hatchimal needs to be cared for, like a pet. It’s similar to a Tamagotchi – but here the child interacts directly with the creature and not via a device.

There are five different Hatchimals and they all perform different activities. The toy is suitable for children five years old and above.

Watch the video of how it works here:

Where can I find one?

Hatchimals are extremely popular and the demand for the toy continues to grow nationwide. Most Toys R Us stores are currently sold out, with only a few having limited stock available. The toy is priced at R1 399.

If you haven’t bought a Hatchimal yet, chances are you won’t have one under the Christmas tree in time this year.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find one online from someone who caught the craze early and who is now reselling these furry creatures at ridiculous prices.

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