Early warning signs of childhood cancer

Posted on September 21st, 2018

Many childhood cancers are treatable with high treatment success rates if they are detected early enough. Look out for these early warning signs in your child.

Early warning signs of childhood cancer

According to cansa.org.za between 800 to 1000 South African Children are diagnosed with cancer every year. However, it’s estimated that half of the children with cancer in South Africa are never diagnosed. This is because there’s a lack of knowledge regarding the disease and how it presents in children. As a result, many children are diagnosed too late diminishing the possibility of successful treatment.

According to the South African Medical Journal the overall survival rates for childhood cancer in South Africa is very low compared to international data. Many childhood cancers are treatable with success rates of between 70% and 80% in well-resourced countries while the overall survuval rate for South Africa is only at 52.1%, according to a 2014 research paper.

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Look out for these early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer:

Print this chart out and keep it on your fridge or in your handbag for a quick and easy reference. While most of these symptoms are more likely to be caused by an injury or an infection, it’s best to get your little one checked out right away.

Download your free printable chart here.

A great cause

To coincide with International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Mugg & Bean will be donating proceeds from the sales of their giant muffins towards Cupcakes of Hope for #cupcakes4kidswithcancer. Cupcakes of Hope – a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation, was established to help with not only financial and emotional needs of the warriors and their families fighting cancer, but also to help drive awareness about early cancer detection in children, through the love of baking.You are also able to donate through the gifting option on the M&B app. Once you download the app you will automatically receive R25 worth of reward beans which you can choose to donate to this worthy cause through a special gifting profile.