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Dealing with nightmares

Nightmares can be very disturbing, but they can also be pivotal in overcoming psychological issues in children if parents respond


Decoding your toddler’s cries

Crying is the way in which toddlers express themselves. Here’s how to decode your toddler’s cries plus easy solutions to


5 Toddler sleep problems sorted

If your tot is having trouble sleeping, chances are you’re almost at your sleep-deprived wits’ end. Try these tips for


Dealing with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is part of a child’s journey to becoming independent. Here’s how to identify and deal with it effectively.


5 Tips to tame toddler tantrums

Tantrums are common at age two as children are acquiring language and can generally understand more than they express. Try


5 Indoor games for rainy days

It’s been raining non-stop in most parts of the country for the past week. Keep your busy toddler entertained with


Beach safety

Lynette Botha shares first aid advice on keeping your little ones safe while enjoying the sun, sea and sand this


Dealing with death

Telling a child about the death of a loved one and helping them deal with the pain, is one of


The benefits of failure

Sometimes, we need to fail in order to succeed. Psychologist, Ilze van de Merwe-Alberts explains why failure can be healthy,


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