5 Tips to raise a happy child

Posted on May 15th, 2014

There are many ways to create a happy and memorable childhood for your little one. Clinical psychologist Jenny Perkel explores how.

Bond with your children

Security is the basis of a happy childhood. Children who feel loved and supported have an easier time – not only in childhood, but throughout their lives.

Don’t overdo it

Keep an eye on your own happiness. Be aware that you also have a life, so don’t sacrifice too much for your children. When you give too much, your children feel your unconscious resentment.
Also, children who are overindulged often suffer from intense feelings of guilt, which persist into adult life. Guilt can trap your child into a life of suffering that will rob her of her ability to be happy.

Get to know your kids

What makes one child happy won’t necessarily work for another child. Never force your own interests onto your child unless it’s something she really wants to do. Give your child the opportunity to recognise her own strengths and weaknesses, and support her in every way.

Be involved in their lives

It’s crucial to spend time playing, talking, reading and visiting interesting places with your child, even though your life may be busy and rushed.

Let your child play

Give your child enough free time to play – alone or with friends. This is far more important that structured learning activities.

5 Essentials for creating a happy childhood

  • Address any mental issues you may have.
  • Never abandon your child.
  • Happily married parents are vital to the happiness of a child.
  • Bring joy and fun into your home.
  • Be alert to any problems that may be troubling your child and solve them quickly.


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