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8 tips for a calmer bedtime routine

Help your toddler unwind and slip under the covers relaxed and ready for dream time with these bedtime routine tips.


 1. Bath time

A bath is a great way to start to unwind before bedtime after a busy day. Get out the bubbles and toys and let your little one have his last bit of fun before it’s time for lights out.

2. Get a bedtime reward chart

Make bedtime fun with a night time routine chart. This way it will feel like a game and your tot will race to finish every task on the list. Download your free Bedtime routine reward chart here.

Bedtime routine reward chart







3. Read a book

Reading your tot’s favourite book to him before bedtime is a comforting ritual and will help him drift off to dreamland peacefully. Here’s our favourite bedtime books for kids, including stories for little ones who are afraid of the dark.

4. Invest in a night light

Is your tot scared of the dark? A night light works wonders for bedtime confidence. Check out these cute night lights from Globug.

5. Make bedtime fun

Make bedtime a drawcard with funny and light-hearted bed sheets. Check out these fun designs from The Character Group.

6. Sing a song

Your voice is your toddler’s favourite sound. Sing his favourite lullaby to help him drift off to dreamland.

7. Stick to a routine

Following the same routine every night make it physically easier for your child to fall asleep by giving his body cues to secrete hormones that induce sleep. Your toddler will be less likely to stall and delay bedtime if he knows what’s expected of him every night.

8. Offer a comfort item

Ease your little one’s separation anxiety by giving him a transitional object like a ‘blankie’ or a toy to turn to for comfort. Mom’s shirt or dad’s shirt, or even a row of action figures watching over them from the bedside will do the trick.




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