7 fun toddler beds your little one will love

Make the transition from cot to big bed easier and more fun with our pick of the best toddler beds. By Nikita Camacho

Moving your toddler from his cot to a big bed may seem daunting for both you and your little one, but making  the transition into an exciting event will make the change a little smoother.

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Questions to ask when buying a toddler bed:

  • Is your child ready for a toddler bed?
  • Do you want a toddler bed that is only a temporary buy?
  • Is the bed an investment bed that will grow with your child?
  • What is the longevity of the bed and will it be used by other siblings later on?
  • Would you prefer a single bed with toddler rails?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Here are some of our favourite toddler beds

Retro play

This play bed from Clever Little Monkey is a modern retro bed that grows with your child into their tween years.  The rails are bought separately and can be detached when they’re not needed.

Retails from cleverlittlemonkey.co.za for R3 700

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Cartoon aficionados

These toddler beds will get your child excited about sleeping in their own bed. The bed is low enough to ensure your toddler has easy access to get in and out the bed and it can be used until your child is 22kg.

Character Beds retail at R1 075 from takealot.

The Harvey Bed


The Harvey Bed is a locally made creation by Simply Child. Its modern simplicity will extend the bed’s lifetime past the toddler years.

Retails at R3 600 from simplychild.co.za.

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4 in 1 Bed Combo


This bed is said to last your child a lifetime – converting from a junior bed to a sofa bed when they’re older. The four stages allow the bed will grow as your child does.

Retails from R18 000 from nestdesigns.co.za

Adventure Hangout

This bed is the perfect combination of fun and sleep. It can be used as a single bed or a trundle can be added for sleepovers. We love the loft area where your child will love just hanging out.

Retails from R32 000 from nestdesigns.co.za

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