6 cute eating utensils for fussy eaters

Mealtimes are often filled with tears and tantrums for fussy eaters, so we sourced some items to help bring the fun back into eating. By Thobeka Phanyeko

Watch your fussy eater’s frown turn into a smile when you change the rules, switch it up and get involved with these delightful eating utensils. Not only will you be considered the coolest mom on the block, but you’ll also have a fed and happy camper.

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Fred Dinner Winner Kids’ Dinner Tray, Enchanted Forest

The goal is to get to the finish line with this dinner tray that’s also a board game. It’s divided into eight portions, with an extra covered portion for dessert. Everybody wins!

Available from wantitall.co.za for R840.

Fred DINNER WINNER Kids Dinner Tray Enchanted ForestConstruction cutlery set

Your tot will enjoy loading her tummy while developing her fine motor skills thanks to this fork, spoon and pusher. They are designed to fit and work together with the construction plate that can be purchased separately.

Available from wantitall.co.za for R1 085.

 Construction Cutlery set

Bbox toddler cutlery set, ocean breeze

Spark your little one’s imagination with this large spoon that doubles as a shovel. Dig for treasure and nourish her growing body. The handy travel case is a storage dream.

Available from takealot.com for R175.

 Bbox toddler cutlery set

Petit Jour Paris Jungle Monkeys Plate

Your toddler will look forward to getting to the bottom of his plate to see the jungle monkeys. Draw inspiration from your little one’s food and get creative with storytelling and encourage him to finish his food.

Available from takealot.com for R155.

Petit Jour Paris - Jungle Monkeys Plate

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Fred Yumbots kids’ utensil set

Introduce some sci-fi fun to the dinner table with these easy-to-grasp and fun-to-use utensils. Give the bots a voice and encourage your tot to dig in!

Available from wantitall.co.za for R520.

Fred Yum Bots eating utensils 

Garden Plate & Utensils

Your little one will love the idea of harvesting her veggies with the bite-sized hoe, rake and shovel instead of using the conventional spoon and fork. The plate is divided into sections to keep food in their separate plots, with specialised zones for scooping and pushing.

Available from uncommongoods.com from R221.80.

Garden plate and utensils

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