6 child-safety products you should know about

Help keep your newly mobile baby safe with these great products. By Kirsten Davids

Remember, there is no more effective safety device than a vigilant caregiver. However, these products will help turn your home into a safer, more child-friendly environment and add to your peace of mind.

It is best to walk through your home, room by room, to identify any potential risks – and don’t forget to investigate your outdoor spaces, too. Once any problem areas have been identified, consider how you will deal with them. Can you remove it, is there something that you can do to fix it, or does it require you to buy something like plug covers and door locks?

Toddlers are surprisingly observant, so try to avoid letting your little one see how safety devices work. Before you know it, he will have mastered the art of opening the baby gate.

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Keep your little one safe with these great products:

Wrist Link

4akid.co.za, R249

Your toddler’s growing independence means that he won’t always want to hold your hand when walking in crowded places. The Wrist Link allows your little one to walk on his own, while you feel secure knowing you’re still in contact with him. The spring stretches to 1.8m and the double-layer Velcro wristband will make it difficult for your child to remove it. The material stretches for comfort and it is quick and easy to attach.

Wrist Link

My Buddy Tag

Honeybunch.co.za, R699

This wristband is worn by your child and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The wristband is screwed on so that your child can’t remove it. It has multiple functions, including an alert that will go off when your child is outside the pre-set parameters. There is also a panic button for your child to press if he needs help while the water-safety feature sets off an alarm if the wristband is submerged in water for longer than 10 seconds.

My Buddy Tag

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Non-slip bath mat with temperature indicator

Maxi-kidz. myshopify.com, R250

This mat can be placed in the shower or bath as both a non-slip surface and water temperature indicator. It is made from soft foam and the 82 suction cups keep it secured to the bottom of the bath. The temperature indicator will show you when the water is above the recommended 37°C.

Non-slip bath mat with temperature indicator

Car Strap Clip

4akid.co.za, R59

Toddlers are the ultimate escape artists, but your tot will be no match for the Car Strap Clip. Once your little one is securely strapped into his car seat, attach the Car Strap Clip to the straps across your little one’s chest, keeping them together with no wiggle room. These straps are not a life-saving device, but serve to prevent your child from taking his arms out of the straps.

Car strap clip

Dreambaby Liberty Doorway Gate

Netbaby.co.za, R955

This extra-wide gate opens in both directions and while you will be able to open it with one hand, it is completely childproof. Installation is quick and easy, and the gate is pressure mounted making it easy to move around your home with no damage to walls or paint since no drilling is required. It’s suitable for the top and bottom of stairs, or to keep your little one out of a potentially hazardous areas.

Dreambaby Liberty Doorway Gate

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Mommy, I’m Here

Takealot.com, R209

This gadget consists of a keychain for you and a bear-shaped receiver that can be placed on your child’s wrist, ankle or shoe. When you’re outdoors or in a shopping centre and you can’t see your child, just press the alarm on your keychain to activate it. You can then locate your child from the sound of the alarm. You will also be alerted if your child has ventured 3 to 10m away from you (depending on how you set the device).

Mommy I'm here


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