6 baby and toddler trends to look out for this year


Breast milk-flavoured lollipops

While these vegan lollipops don’t contain real breast milk, the creator, Jason Darling of Lollyphile, sampled the breast milk of four of his friends to arrive at the type of flavouring that he could use. He concluded that breast milk tastes largely like almond milk, only sweeter, and that this could be “the most inherently satisfying flavour of all time”.

Digital daycare

New technologies are giving busy parents the chance to feel more connected to their little one when separated from them. From reading bedtime stories, such as with Diro the bear which recites tales recorded by you and can even converse with your child, to monitoring playtime when you’re not around, the digital age is providing more tools for parents.

Healthy kiddies’ menus

More restaurants in South Africa are ditching the usual child-friendly fare of fish fingers, macaroni and cheese, burgers and hot dogs for healthier meals that include vegetables. Restaurant kiddies’ menus are now being used as a tool to encourage healthy eating and cultivate a broader palate.

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Live streaming from crèche

Let’s hear it for the next generation of crèches, which provide a video-streaming facility so that you can see what happens during ring time. This trend has already hit our shores with Opti-Baby Centres, where web cameras allow parents to observe their kids in real time.

Rise of the professor nanny

Parents are increasingly opting to hire nannies who have everything from CPR training to degrees in child psychology to provide the best care for their children.

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The two-nanny family

While some families want nannies with specialised qualifications, others may also opt for more than one. The idea is that children benefit emotionally and socially from having more than one caregiver and that each person brings their individual strengths to the family dynamic.

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