Our 5 top toys for toddlers from 1 – 2 years

Posted on November 23rd, 2016

Your toddler will have hours of fun with these great toys.

Toys for toddlers

These toys aren’t only fun to play with, they’re also great for boosting your toddler’s development.

Stack & Roll (Fisher-Price)

Age: Nine to 36 months
Available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Prima Toys and Hamleys for R199.99

Your toddler can learn about size and identify the basic concepts of shapes, colours and numbers with this toy. It provides the basis for recognising objects and letters. As your toddler masters how to nest the cups and open them, she improves her hand movements and muscle strength.

Stack and roll

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Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe (Fisher-Price)

Age: Nine to 36 months
Available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Prima Toys and Hamleys for R1 299.99

This amazing interactive rocking horse takes your little one on an unforgettable ride. He helps with balance and smooth, controlled movement. As your little one rocks the horse, the music builds to reward and encourage her efforts.

Rockin' Tunes Giraffe

Scoop and Whirl Popper (Fisher-Price)

Age: 12 to 36 months
Available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom, Prima Toys and Hamleys for R449.99

This cheerful little character celebrates walking. Your little one will giggle as she watches the colourful balls being scooped up. It doesn’t stop there – the balls are then whirled around and released. This provides a fabulous way for your child to get a physical workout while being mentally stimulated.

Scoop and Whirl Popper

Baby Walker (HAMLEYS)

Age: 18 months+
Available from Hamleys for R499.95

This traditional toy is one your child will love for its sturdiness and simplicity. Let her steady her step as she grips it, and starts to feel independent and enjoy her ability to explore. Her favourite toys can accompany her in the trolley as she navigates space and learns the concept of size.

Baby walker

Duplo Number Train (lEGO)

Age: 18 months+
Available from Hamleys, Reggie’s and Toys R Us for R299.95

This set’s age range allows siblings to play alongside each other and it’s versatile enough for your toddler to follow number order or simply build a home for her adorable miniature dog. Construction games build the skills needed for writing and engineering. It also helps to improve your child’s concentration.

Duplo number train


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