5 things you swore you’d never do as parent to a toddler

Every parent can relate to this!

When your baby is a newborn, you see parents with toddlers in the supermarket ignoring a crying child and think to yourself, “I’ll never be that kind of parent.” But what you don’t yet know is that toddlers seem much more manageable when they are someone else’s.

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Here are five things you swore you’d never do, but that you’re most likely doing now that you’re the parent of a toddler:

1. Have an unruly toddler

Pretty much all toddlers are unruly at some point during the day, and it always happens the moment you walk into a restaurant or a fancy shop. It’s not that they are always unruly, it just happens when you really want them to behave well.

2. Give in to your toddler’s demands

You swore that you would never be the kind of mom who gives in and buys her crying toddler that chocolate he so desperately wants at the check-out counter. But that’s probably because you assumed it took only two minutes of pleading. Little did you know that the toddler had been bartering, demanding and negotiating since the minute he opened his eyes that morning. So yes, sadly, you will sometimes give in to your toddler’s demands because you will just be too tired to fight him any longer.

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3. Have a house filled with toys

Yes, you had the perfect home when your newborn arrived. Everything had its place and it was easy to pick up your baby’s playmat in the lounge and take it back to the nursery. Within months all that perfection will be gone – your house will no longer be pristine. Every single nook and cranny will be stuffed with colourful soft toys, building blocks, tiny toy cars and dolls. As your little one gets older, she’ll want a doll house that will inevitably be plonked somewhere in your sitting room, and your little boy’s rocking horse will be right next to it.

4. Use TV as a babysitter

No matter how good your intentions are, the day will come when you switch on Cartoon Network to keep the kids busy while you catch your breath, prepare dinner or sort out admin. You’ll get much more done in the 10 minutes they are watching television than you would have with a screaming toddler clinging to your leg.

5. Feed them chips

Your toddler was going to follow a 100% organic diet and she wouldn’t be allowed any sugar or processed foods, until she had chips and sweets at a party that one time. Now she nags you every minute of every day for a sweetie. Sometimes you’ll get tired of the nagging and crying, and you will unfortunately give in, just to get 5 minutes of quiet before it all starts again.

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