5 creative motor-skills activities for preschoolers

Posted on January 18th, 2019

As parents, we all know how important gross-motor skills are for your child, but we don’t always have new ideas for games that will not only be fun, but will also help with our little one’s motor skills. Here are five easy activities to enjoy with your preschooler.

5 creative motor-skills activities for preschoolers
  • Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a perennial favourite and can be changed up by drawing shapes or different colours that he must jump to. That way, he’ll be learning shapes and colours while improving his motor skills.

  • Kick at the cups

Set up a horizontal row of paper cups and have your tot kick a ball towards them, trying to knock each of the cups down.

  • Movement cards

Take some cardstock, cut it into rectangles and write a movement on each of them. For example, jumping jacks, flap arms like a bird, spin in a circle, etc. Pick a card and let your little one do the activity on the card. You can also join in to make it more fun.

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  • Song and dance

Learn some new children’s songs and make up movements or dances to them. You can also teach your little one new movements to songs he already knows. This will force him to concentrate more on each movement.

  • Line walking

Take some masking tape (or some chalk if you’re outside) and draw zig-zag and loopy lines on the floor. Let him follow the line, having to step on the line the whole time. This is a great game to teach balance.

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