4 tips to help manage bedwetting

Bedwetting is more common than you may realise and is nothing to be ashamed of. Here are some tips to help manage bedwetting and make sleeping through the night more likely.


Did you know that over 18% of children aged five and over still wet the bed? This is why 29 May 2018 has been declared as World Bedwetting Day – to help raise awareness of this common condition.

Bedwetting is the involuntary discharge of urine after the age when your child’s bladder control should have been established. It may leave your child feeling self-conscious or vulnerable – especially when they find themselves not sleeping at home. There are, however, steps you can take that may help to manage your child’s bedwetting.

First of all, it is important to remember that bedwetting  is usually a phase that your child will grow out of.  It is not your child’s fault and may have various causes – including being hereditary. This means scolding your child or punishing him for wetting his bed won’t help and may even make it worse.

Dr Michael Mol, Brand Ambassador for DryNites Pyjama Pants, has put together a list of tips you may use to manage bedwetting at home:

Limit drinking beverages in the evening

Try to not let your child have anything to drink approximately two hours before bed and make sure he has plenty of water during the day so he’s not thirsty in the evenings.

Encourage them

Encourage your child not to feel embarrassed or awkward. One way of doing this is to record every night he doesn’t have an accident and then you can also see if there are any factors that influence this. Not only can you then see how often (or seldom) this is, but it is also good information to take with you to the doctor if you decide to go and see one. Your child will also get extra confidence knowing that they had dry nights.

Consult a doctor

If your child’s bedwetting is worrying you, there are several types of doctors who can help you deal with bedwetting and these specialists can also provide you with the relevant advice you and your child need. These specialists include general practitioners (who can refer you to other specialists), paediatricians or paediatric urologists.

DryNights Pyjama Pants

DryNites Pyjama Pants are a great option to help your child through the bedwetting phase. They are available for boys and girls and come in different sizes; 4 -7 years and 8 -15 years. These disposable pyjama pants are age appropriate, super absorbent and comfortable. They give the extra protection needed throughout the night and will especially give them peace of mind when they are, for instance, at sleepovers.

For more information on DryNites Pyjama Pants, or to ask Dr Mol a personal question, or to request a free sample visit drynites.co.za. DryNites Pyjama Pants are currently available nationwide in selected retailers and online at takealot.com.

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