2 trendy toddler room ideas for girls

Candice Botha shows us how to put together a trendy room for a little girl.


Revamping your little girl’s room? Check out these trendy toddler room ideas for little princesses.

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The art of display

Art is no longer for adults only, so turn a blank wall in your child’s room into a display area. Think beyond just art on paper or canvas to unusual items that have significance for your child and family.

  • “I love mixing and matching artworks with display items in kids’ spaces as it creates a playful feel,” says Wendy Douglas of interiors consultancy Douglas and Douglas. “Gallery walls of display boxes showcasing a special pair of baby shoes or a mom’s childhood book with a fun art piece in between and a large letter is a favourite design,” she says.

We love the Teepee shelf from R290 from Olly Polly Kids Decor

Teepee shelf

  • “Keeping your display to a single wall creates a great focal point in the room and ensures that it doesn’t become too cluttered,” notes Genevieve Motley of Olly Polly Kids Decor..
  • Sarah Reynolds and Chantelle Moss of Urban Lace Interior Design advise mixing and matching elements. “Choose a shelf, a box frame, a gallery frame and a sculptural element, as opposed to four identical frames, to make it fun.”

We love the hexagon wall shelf from R350 from Simply Child

Hexagon wall shelf

  • Chenel Kruger, mommy blogger of Raising Little James recommends having something custom designed for your child’s room, possibly incorporating their name or birthday. “It adds that personal touch,” she says.

Patterns are big right now

Patterns are big

A child’s room should be playful and one of the best ways to add an element of fun is to incorporate pattern.

  • “The rules of working with pattern have changed – using contrasting patterns, like stripes with florals, gives a room a relaxed feel suited to a child’s space,” say Sarah and Chantelle.

We love this Watermelon cushion, R299 from phlostudio.co.za

Watermelon cushion

  • It’s important to know where to draw the line, however, especially in a nursery. “Keep the major furniture pieces in the room as simple and neutral as possible and then add colour and pattern on the walls and through fabric and artwork,” says Haidee Kramer of Dreamweaver Studios. “This allows you the flexibility to update the room in a few years without breaking the bank.”

We love this Star ceramic lamp, R99.99 from Mr Price Home

Star ceramic lamp

  • One of the trendiest ways to add pattern to a room is by creating a statement wall, either using wallpaper or stick-on vinyl. “Vinyl is great as it is fairly inexpensive and, because it is so easy to apply and peel off, you can change the look of your child’s room in a matter of hours,” says Genevieve.

We love these gold clouds wall vinyls, R175 for 50 from Simply Child

Gold clouds wall vinyl

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