10 ways toddlers avoid going to bed

A toddler will give you a million reasons to avoid going to bed. Nikita Camacho looks at the top 10 excuses tots use to get out of bedtime.


The struggle is real for parents every night. Putting your child to bed is almost like a game of Snakes and Ladders. Sometimes you’re in luck and climb a few ladders to victory as your toddler goes to bed easily. Other days, you’re back down to where you started.

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Here are the top 10 excuses toddlers use to avoid bedtime

But Im not tired

This is a favourite that never gets old.

Toddler excuses to avoid sleep

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Mommy, my baby is hungry

Feeding the dolly is of ample importance at bedtime.

Toddler sleep excuses

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I need to kiss my toys goodnight

They decide that their stuffed toys need to be loved before shut-eye.


I want to sleep with all my toys

Another excuse to get out of bed…

Toddler sleep excuses

Im hungry

Despite them ignoring your pleas at the dinner table, bedtime is always a good time to tell you they’re hungry.

Toddler sleep excuses

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Mommy are you going to die?

Toddlers ask the weirdest questions at bedtime and expect an in-depth explanation.

Toddler sleep excuses

I cant sleep without my blankie/teddy

The last time you saw the said item was early in the morning and now you have no clue where it is.

Toddler sleep excuses

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Im scared to sleep alone

So much for those few minutes you wanted to yourself *sigh*.

Toddler sleep excuses

Stay with me until I fall asleep

But instead of falling asleep your toddler chats away while you feel yourself nodding off.

Toddler sleep excuses

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Can you read it again?

Story time doesn’t always equal bedtime, unfortunately.

Toddler sleep excuses

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